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Access Control Policies for XML:

Verification, Enforcement and Collaborative Edition

This work is supported by the INRIA collaboration program (Actions de Recherches Collaboratives de l'INRIA).


This project is concerned with the security and access control for Web data exchange, in the context of Web applications and Web services.

We aim at defining automatic verification methods for checking properties of access control policies (ACP) for XML, like consistency or secrecy, and for the comparison ACPs. One of our goals is to apply formal tools from tree automata theory for this purpose.

A second important goal is to design efficient methods for ACP enforcement for secure query evaluation. We will study several scenarios for solving different variants of this problem, based on the notion of secure user views.

As a case study, we will apply our methods to an XML-based collaborative editing system.

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Access Control, Internet Data Security, Distributed Databases, XML, Formal Verification, Query Rewriting, Security Views, Collaborative Edition Systems, Tree Automata, Term Rewriting.